So im a working mum. Being a mum is the toughest job in the world but being a working mum, takes it to a whole new level.

I enjoy working. I am a worker and proud of it. I enjoy experiencing the feeling of achieving something while also getting compensated for my efforts.

I have been working since I was legally able to work (14 years and 9 months) so its been a pretty long time (well, not THAT long but it feels like ages!).

Now that ive added being a mum to my daily to do list, its forced me to put paid work second to my family and i admit that sometimes I don’t want to!

Sometimes, I just want to be an adult and carry out my (paid) work without any interruptions. I often reminisce (while changing a dirty nappy) about the days when I could go to an office in the CBD, interact with colleagues, have lunch at a groovy cafe or go for a walk and go home feeling like ive achieved something.

These days, my role has become much more complicated and challenging as I manage the demands of two (adorable) children with trying to be the best online business manager that I can be.

As you can imagine, some days are better than others.

But in saying all this: the struggle is definitely real but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Until next time… 🙂