Im three weeks in!

It’s been very interesting to learn about the world that is copywriting. I am thoroughly enjoying it and I am so glad that I decided to enrol.

Im enjoying it so much that I now want to enrol in another course but I will wait and work on filling the piggy bank before I invest in more professional development. Bummer, i know!

Since commencing this course, I have been more aware of how much copy I actually write, without even being aware of it!

I have experience writing EDM’s and website pages, but now I apply a whole lot of thought, effort and consideration into the whole process. I am starting to imagine how my words sound to the target audience which can be challenging in and of itself.

I know however, that with practice and a confidence boost, I will do a good job for myself and my clients.

Ive completed this weeks assignment task and I am eagerly awaiting the results for my Module 2 assignment. Hopefully ive made the tutor proud! haha

Until next time.. šŸ™‚