I’ve completed my copywriting course! I’m super stoked and relieved.

I found it really enjoyable and I learnt so much about the power and importance of words and how they can influence a persons behaviour and thinking.

I have proudly updated my Website with the recent addition to my training and I’ve even remembered to update my LinkedIn profile (something I always forget!). Now I want to get as many opportunities as possible to learn and develop what I’ve just learn over the past five weeks.

I’m also starting to think about what course to do next. I’m thinking about Copywriting in Real Estate simply because I find real estate interesting in general and I think learning about how to write copy aimed at selling real estate can also be applied to other areas of my copywriting work.

I am also in the middle of doing a short InDesign course, something I’m also enjoying, so I’ll revisit this very soon.

Until next time… 🙂