If I say I am gong to do something, I will. In this virtual environment, I can only prove my value and worth to clients by demonstrating integrity.


Along with integrity, honesty is the second, if not the most important thing when working with clients. It is something that can only be demonstrated and proven over time.


Trust is huge in any relationship, especially one which is based online. Not meeting a person face to face and noticing their body language can make it very difficult to develop and build trust. Like honesty, trust can’t be forced. It needs to develop and build over time as both parties get to know each other.


Open and regular communication is vital especially when not working face to face in an office environment. To encourage peace of mind and progress towards shared goals, continued responsiveness and communication are essential.


If you treat someone with respect, then they will respect you.


I am very professional when carrying out work for clients. I am also friendly, approachable and down to earth which I think are important traits to have especially when working with a range of clients and personalities.

Team Work

There is no “I” in team and I can’t carry out my role without working in and being a member of a team. That doesn’t mean constantly liaising with each other and/or eating out of eachother’s hands, but it does mean maintaining open communication so that questions, issues, etc can be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.